MobileArt Eco V Serisi Tek Kablosuz FPD

    Easy Positioning

    • Flexible bedside positioning

    “All Free” buttons enable one-step positioning by releasing electromagnetic locks of arm and column at the same time.

    • Wide exposure range

    Flexible and light telescopic arm is suitable for confined and busy spaces providing 1,000mm arm extension and free rotation.

    Superb Maneuverability

    The compact and lightweight system achieves maneuverable movements including direction change and cart stoppage.

    The small X-ray tube design does not obstruct forward visibility to ensure smooth and safe drivability through the hospital.

    The front wheels can be easily lifted to “step over” the difference in level on the floor or in elevator entry.

    It is possible to change directions on the spot, so the system maneuvers flexibly even through tight spaces in the patient room.

    Reliable Functionality

    • High quality imaging

    The generator has a variable frequency range capable of reaching up to 60kHz. It contributes to high quality radiation intensity to provide excellent image quality. Adding 200mAs option would enable higher setting.

    • Simple APR setting

    72 programs are pre-set, and optimal radiography conditions can be easily selected by touching intuitive APR buttons on control panel.

    Useful Options

    • Dose area product (DAP) meter

    Dose area product (DAP) meter can be attached under the collimator. Measured DAP value (μGy・m2) is displayed to conform IEC 3rd requirements.

    • Protection partition
    • Remote controller
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